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Thorough Investigations That Give Confidence To Your Business

In instances where employers have reason to believe that employees may have violated certain policies of the organization (i.e., harassment, discrimination, standards of conduct, etc.), or have engaged in otherwise unprofessional, unacceptable, or inappropriate behavior, it is necessary to conduct an investigation.

An appropriate investigation demands clearly defined steps, an unbiased approach, and a professional tone. The full investigation will include evaluating and questioning witnesses, reaching the correct conclusion, determining an appropriate solution and appropriately closing the investigation.

An organization must carefully consider who should investigate alleged workplace misconduct. Due to probable biases toward employees and potentially strong emotions, as well as the confidentiality, time, training and qualifications needed to perform a thorough investigation, many organizations choose to engage the services of a third-party investigator to investigate the complaints.

Our consultants are licensed private investigators with the Private Security Bureau through the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is a requirement in Texas if conducting a third-party investigation and can assist in investigations, concerning discrimination, harassment and other complaints.