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Litigation Support

Our HR specialists can assist your legal team in employment-related lawsuits with consulting or expert witness services in the following areas:

Expert Witness Opinions, Testimony and Reports

Our consultants will provide expert witness opinions to clients in any employment-related matters such as Title VII discrimination, age or disability discrimination, sexual harassment, recruitment practices, workers’ compensation litigation and policy issues and tort claims involving negligent hiring, negligent retention and wrongful termination.

Based upon your needs, our consultants will help by developing expert witness reports or offering expert witness testimony for depositions or in court. Additionally, we will gather data, review depositions and other case documents, conduct a case analysis and prepare a thorough report to aid in defending legal action taken against your organization.

Mitigation Analysis

As a part of defending a lawsuit from a former employee, our firm will provide a client with a mitigation analysis, documenting a former employee’s employability and job search efforts. This report will include research such as, but not limited to job, availability, rates of pay and expected length of time for the former employee to find alternative employment.