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Performance Management Systems

Whitney Smith Company provides a holistic performance management system that empowers companies to foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence, helping ensure both employee and customer satisfaction.

360-Degree Performance Evaluations

Our consultants offer confidential evaluation instruments that can be administered to a full circle of stakeholders who interact with an individual. Our team members can prepare a formal report of the individual’s performance that combines the vertical and horizontal input from managers, peers, subordinates and others within the organization. The report provides an assessment of the individual’s performance to facilitate meaningful and constructive feedback.

Employee Opinion Surveys

We offer confidential surveys to assess the attitudes and opinions of the client’s employees in areas including workplace culture, work environment and leadership. Our consultants compile survey answers and summarize them in a management report. We can also make recommendations to management for areas needing improvement.

Performance Evaluation Programs

We offer specialized exempt and nonexempt employee performance evaluation programs and instruments to document and measure employee performance against evaluation factors considered important to the client. Performance evaluation instruments designed by our firm can be utilized by clients, and our consultants can assist in implementing these performance evaluation programs.

Upward Appraisals

Our firm offers a client’s employees the opportunity to confidentially evaluate the leadership and supervisory skills of managers. We analyze these evaluations and create a complete assessment of each manager’s performance, skills and leadership style from the perspective of employees. If requested, our firm can present the appraisals to the managers and provide training, mentoring and coaching programs, if appropriate.

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