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Recruiting & Executive Search

Our search consultants regularly work with client management teams to locate and match top candidates with the client’s employment needs.

Sourcing, Screening and Interviewing

Our clients understand the importance of correctly recruiting and screening prospective candidates for positions within their organizations, but often do not have the time to do so thoroughly. Our firm will meet with the client to understand the details of the position to be filled, such as job qualifications, education and skill requirements, and salary and benefits package. We will use our resources to locate and screen candidates for our clients.

Our firm will conduct interviews with prospective employees, obtain job-related information and pass on our hiring recommendations. Additionally, we are available to interview and provide an outside opinion of candidates previously identified by a client.

Administration of Personality and Skills Assessments

With the rising costs associated with recruitment, training, retention and turnover, having a valid and reliable employee selection program in place can be difference between an organization finding success or failure.

Personality assessments can allow employers to assess the suitability and compatibility of individuals with the organization and the job that they will be expected to perform. Our team offers employers a variety of skills assessments that can be combined to offer powerful, customized solutions to meet specific hiring needs.

Compensation and Benefits Package Negotiation

Following a thorough search of available candidates, our search consultants can provide hiring and compensation recommendations for our clients. We will also act as a third-party negotiator in discussions between a client and a prospective employee, working to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

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