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Employee Relations

At Whitney Smith Company, we prioritize strong employee relations as a paramount service. With a commitment to fostering a supportive work environment, we invest in our employees’ growth and development. Open communication, regular feedback and an inclusive culture empower our team to excel in the dynamic insurance landscape. We believe that a united workforce drives excellence and enhances our ability to serve you, our valued clients, with unparalleled dedication and expertise. Experience the power of cohesive employee relations with Whitney Smith Company, your trusted human resources partner.

Advice and Counsel on Employee Issues

Assisting clients in handling sensitive employee relations matters is one of our firm’s most commonly requested services. Our consultants provide clients with non-legal advice regarding employee conduct or performance issues. Client management teams who utilize this service can be assured that Whitney Smith Company stands ready to provide competent, objective and fully compliant assistance in this critical area of human resources.

Employee Handbooks/Human Resources Policies

An employee handbook is an essential tool for an employer. It serves to inform employees about company policies, procedures and practices and to communicate expected performance and standards of conduct. A well-designed employee handbook can positively influence employee behavior, morale and loyalty. An employee handbook is also a critically important tool for a client to avoid liability in employee lawsuits.

Our firm offers extensive experience to clients in developing employee handbooks and a variety of human resources-related policies, which are both legally compliant and follow current HR best practices.

Termination Assistance

Effectively and legally handling employee terminations is extremely important to protect both the organization and individual managers from charges of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Our firm is fully prepared to assist client management teams with this often necessary, but sensitive, task.

In addition, our firm provides outplacement and career transition counseling for individuals and groups of individuals, along with conducting exit interviews.

Unemployment Claim Assistance

Our firm stands ready to assist clients in all aspects of unemployment compensation claims filed by former employees. We offer complete support in every stage of the claims process, from the initial response through any appeals hearings.

Succession Planning

Regardless of the industry, succession planning plays a key role in ensuring that an organization is prepared for future staffing challenges. Our firm can develop a program that recognizes and evaluates a client’s current staff while also preparing for future staffing requirements for critical and key positions. Our firm not only designs the framework for this program, but we also serve as a partner during its implementation, communication and administration.

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