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HR Compliance

Whitney Smith Company offers comprehensive HR compliance services to businesses that help ensure they adhere to legal and regulatory requirements in the realm of human resources. Our professional team assists clients in navigating complex employment laws, minimizing compliance risks and promoting a seamless HR management experience.

Affirmative Action Plans

Organizations holding contracts with the federal government should be aware of requirements to maintain and to annually update written affirmative action plans (AAPs). In addition, organizations acting as subcontractors to companies required to have AAPs may also be required to maintain up-to-date affirmative action plans.

With years of expertise in this area, our firm is ready to develop compliant affirmative action plans for your organization.

EEOC Charge Assistance

Employees and former employees may file charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against your organization based on a wide variety of perceived discrimination or harassment. Claims of sexual harassment, age discrimination or discrimination based on a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability are all common. In addition, charges may also be brought against an organization through state or local “fair employment” agencies with direct connections to the EEOC. If an organization fails to effectively respond to a charge brought against it by the EEOC or a related state or local agency, or fail to adequately represent itself in an EEOC mediation session, the results can be very costly. Our firm is here to assist you at every level of an EEOC charge, from initial response to mediation to investigation, as well as follow-up assistance should any subsequent employment-related litigation occur.

OFCCP Compliance Review Assistance

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is the federal agency responsible for monitoring and auditing the affirmative action efforts of federal contractors and subcontractors. Should OFCCP investigators find issues with an organization’s affirmative action plan or associated programs, penalties can be severe, ranging from large monetary settlements to disbarment from future federal contracts. Our firm has extensive experience in OFCCP audit activities and in dealing directly with OFCCP compliance officers. We stand ready to represent and assist you should your organization be faced with an OFCCP review.

Wage and Hour Compliance Assistance

Ensuring that employees are properly categorized as exempt or nonexempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act is a critical task for employers, given that failure to properly do so may leave the employer open to government scrutiny and penalties. In addition, employers could put themselves at risk if they do not comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act’s requirements to pay employees minimum wage, pay time and one-half for overtime hours worked and maintain employee pay records.

Our firm is highly experienced in helping ensure wage and hour compliance for clients in a wide variety of industries and we are available to assist you with federal or state compensation-related compliance issues.

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