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Workplace Safety

In today’s litigious climate, a robust safety program is a requirement for proactive employers. Effective and precise safety practices are vital to worker safety and to the protection of a business from OSHA fines, high workers’ compensation costs and excessive liability. As a professional safety source to the Texas Department of Insurance, our team offers a wide range of safety services.

Safety Inspections

Our team can inspect commercial property, equipment and organizational procedures to evaluate adherence to OSHA and related safety standards. We also create a report that summarizes the inspection results and offers actionable recommendations. And, in the case of an OSHA investigation, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

Safety Programs and Training

Our consultants develop employee handbooks that communicate an organization’s safety and health policies, standards and procedures to employees. We can also design and implement an incentive program to promote adherence to these policies and to reward employees for achieving safety goals.

We also develop safety training programs with accompanying employee communications to establish an ongoing commitment to workplace safety and to maintain compliance with internal safety programs and state or federal requirements.

Workers’ Compensation Programs

Our firm aids clients in creating and managing programs that encourage safe operating procedures, with an end goal of decreasing the occurrence and severity of on-the-job injuries. For clients operating in Texas, our firm can evaluate organizations that prefer not to acquire, or that are discontinuing, workers’ compensation insurance coverage and offer safety recommendations.