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Skills and Personality Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Our team includes consultants certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a psychological instrument that puts the theories of Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung to practical use. When administered to an individual, the MBTI can reveal patterns of “mental habits” for that individual. Our firm utilizes this instrument to serve clients in a variety of applications, including team building, career development, outplacement, communication training and conflict resolution.

The Predictive Index Assessment Tool

The Predictive Index (PI) behavioral assessment provides managers with accurate and actionable data that quantifies the unique motivators and behavioral drives of each employee or applicant. The PI is a practical, quick and easy-to-use solution for gathering insight into predicted behavior on the job. The assessment takes 5-10 minutes to complete and allows our certified administrators to interpret results immediately.

The PI is validated by the EEOC for pre-employment assessment and is considered work-related, free of bias, valid and reliable. Hundreds of studies across dozens of industries such as health care, financial services, hospitality, manufacturing and more have shown that PI is a strong predictor of workplace performance. It is used widely across diverse industries, professions, career levels, companies, growth trajectories and business models.

The Performance Requirements Options Tool

The Performance Requirement Options (PRO) tool is a job analytics profile that allows an organization to quantify the behavioral requirements of a specific job. Created through input from multiple stakeholders within the organization, the information provides a “target” for the role. With the information from the PRO, hiring managers are better equipped to evaluate a candidate’s job fit.

The PRO works alongside the PI assessment, allowing organizations to evaluate how well a candidate’s predicted behavior aligns with the behavior requirements of the job. This provides concrete data about a candidate’s fit for a particular job and where potential challenges may exist. Together, the PRO and PI Assessment allow managers to develop targeted behavioral interview questions that can be used in the selection process. Once an employee is hired, the PRO and PI data can be used to inform the most effective onboarding and development plan to support the new employee.

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments can allow employers to assess the compatibility of an individual with an organization and a job position. In addition, personality assessments are useful in a variety of other areas, such as team building and management development.

Skills Assessments

Finding the perfect candidate for a job can be difficult, but we make it easier for organizations to find their perfect fit with pre-employment skills and personality assessments.