WhitneySmith Company | A Higginbotham Partner




Are you curious about how your company’s compensation levels compare to other organizations in your industry or labor market? Our consultants use market pricing methods to create internally equitable and externally competitive base pay and bonus programs, helping to create an effective compensation program for employees.

Compensation Program Evaluation

We can effectively evaluate your compensation programs, research competitors’ programs and recommend modifications if necessary. Our team evaluates your existing salary, bonus and/or incentive programs and offers recommendations to maximize your organization’s payroll dollars and help increase your competitiveness in recruiting, hiring and retaining employees.

Executive Compensation Analysis

Our firm can be your objective source for determining if your executive compensation programs are competitive and reasonable. Our market insights, compliance expertise and compensation planning experience allow us to provide you with defensible executive compensation programs that cover base salary, bonuses, long-term incentives, perks and benefits.

Job Descriptions

Our compensation consultants are proficient at job analysis and determining essential job elements, from reporting relationships to responsibilities to performance measurement standards. Having a well-written and well-documented job description is crucial in supporting HR and management decisions, along with supplying evidence in employment-related claims and disputes.

Customized Compensation Surveys and Market Research

We can conduct surveys of compensation practices for selected positions, industries and/or geographical areas to generate applicable market data. Data from these custom surveys are analyzed, shared and used to develop competitive pay programs for the client.

Wage and Hour Compliance Assistance

Ensuring that employees are correctly categorized as exempt or nonexempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act is critical, and failure to properly do so can leave the employer open to government scrutiny and penalties. We analyze and test jobs to determine exempt and nonexempt wage and hour classifications to assist clients in complying with minimum wage, overtime, record-keeping and salary basis regulations. And, for easy reference, our exemption analysis includes a complete explanation of which jobs meet or do not meet FSLA wage and hour classifications. We also offer auditing of nonexempt pay practices to determine compliance with regular rate and overtime calculations.